The 360 Aerial Panorama with up to 5 featured location callouts to highlight additional areas of interest.  This will be added to your tour and additional links for distribution will be provided.



TABLET AND SMART PHONE FRIENDLY - Virtual Reality Capabilitiy

These still and video products are embedded within our Virtual Tour Marketing Suite that gives the buyer just one place to see everything they want to see about a new listing.  We tell the complete story of the property by visualizing key area of interests.​


A high quality resolution - interactive 360 degree panorama of the property and area.  This will be added to your tour and additional links for distribution will be provided. 


Aerial - Drone Photography & Video - FAA APPROVED

Our Aerial Photography is captured by our FAA Compliant Licensed Pilots.  All safety measures will be taken when capturing the images. Please Note: This photography may be done at a different time other than during the scheduled main photography shoot.

Aerial Stills (6) & Aerial Video using Vimeo (Up to 1 Min) - $269.00

tourfactory PILOTS ARE FULLY insured & faa compliant


The Aerial Production Package includes an Aerial Flyover Video, 360 Enhanced Aerial Panorama with 5 Featured Location Callouts, 7 Aerial Photos and a 45 Second Edited Aerial Video.



Elevated Pole Photography

Our elevated pole photography is offered by multiple photographers and can be done at the time of the photography shoot for your convenience.  When ordering, select the same still package photographer & pole photographer when possible, or if needed, another photographer will be able to provide this service at another time. They will contact you directly. to schedule.

Pricing is $99.00 Per View - $49.00 for Additional Views

Capture a bird's eye view of your property through elevated and aerial photography. 
Elevated & Aerial products must be combined with a basic photography order

​or with a second visit to an existing tour.

aerial products:  provided by hangar technologies

ADD Additional Destinations 

A Standard 360 photo that can be added ONLY to an Enriched 360 Photo. By adding additional 360 photos at different locations and altitudes, you can allow a customer to fully explore the listing and the surrounding area.

$100.00 Each



elevate your listing : get more clicks

See Example


  •  Aerial Photography: Our drone pilot will contact the agent directly for a two hour window on a specific day for the shoot.
    **Be sure that all cars, trash cans, and other items are removed from the property.
  • Elevated Pole Photography: If the photographer who does your main order can also do the pole photography, then they will be assigned to do both products (or they can be selected on the order form). When needed, another pole photographer will be selected and they will contact you to schedule separately.
  • Adding Elevated or Aerial Products to an existing tour or Second Visit.  If you would like to add one of the above products to an existing order, please send an email to TourFactory@cox.net with the tour #, address, and the product you want added.  We will place the order for you.  Or, contact our Customer Service at 888-458-3943.  *Be sure to tell them that this is being added to a specific tour #.


  • Hangar's aerial products are scheduled SEPARATELY from the other Property Productions services due to the special requirements involved.
  • The Hangar scheduler will be in contact with you to confirm the product ordered, capture any additional information, confirm a requested date, process any reschedules/cancellations, or answer any questions about the delivered end product. 
  • Due to Hangar's platform, products can only be scheduled on a specific day. A text notification can be generated when a drone operator is on their way.
  • Certain locations cannot legally be serviced by Hangar, due to the Federal Aviation Associations (FAA) National Airspace regulations. Hangar is working closely with the FAA to attain special permissions to service these restricted areas.

​Hangar Operating Expectation Guide

  • Hangar ONLY receives requests for aerial content capture for a specific target date. No specific time can be requested due to the various complexities involved around weather, airspace coordination, available drone operators...
  • Our dispatch system triggers a text notification update when someone is on the way. No one is expected to meet the drone operator on site. It is best for no one else to be on-site, as there are less vehicles and people that can interfere with operations.
  • Hangar assumes that permission to be on the property and any accessibility requirements have been attained and coordinated prior to the shoot date to allow Hangar operators easy access
  • Your requested date cannot be guaranteed, as drones cannot operate in certain conditions, such as fog, rain, high winds or airspace restrictions. If there is a weather or operational delay, you will be notified
  • Reschedules are accepted up to 8PM the day before the scheduled shoot day
  • Hangar will charge a $75 cancellation fee on cancellations or reschedules that are made after 8 PM the day before the scheduled shoot day, unless the cancellation/reschedule is weather related 
  • Hangar will shoot a listing regardless of the condition in which it is in, unless a cancellation or reschedule is requested. Drone operators are not expected to do any additional work on site.
  • Please follow the below recommendations to best prepare the property before hand:​'For Sale' sign removed, Cars/trailers parked in garage or off the street, Gardening tools hidden, pool cleaners hidden, garbage and recycle bins hidden and No other contractors or conflicting appointments scheduled
  • The final product will be delivered within 3 business days after mission completion
  • Hangar does not allow for specific drone operators to be requested for a particular shoot (drone operators will be assigned in Hangar’s sole discretion)

See Sample